V Richefeu

DEMbox is a C++ code for discrete element methods (mainly based on explicit schemes) with a set of facilities to extent the models. For example, new shapes, force-laws, integration schemes, neighborhood constructor, limit conditions controls can easily be defined and add. DEMbox also comes with pre-processing commands (mainly to build samples), and processing tools (so called spies) that can be apply during or after the computation.

The code is designed by focusing on the easiness to add new features without big knowledges in software engineering. This does not means that the design is not flexible, but rather that only DEM-related features can be managed. The counterpart of this choice is that ingenuous (or less ingenuous) findings can very easily be tested in the proposed framework. Complex shapes, body/fluid interactions, growth and division of biological cells, rock fragmentation, hybrid algorithm between event driven and molecular dynamics methods, etc. are some examples of implemented features. Visualization is also considered in the framework, and a dedicated soft (called visual) is associated to the code.